[aprssig] USNG and APRS

Greg Higgins gs.higgins at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 31 23:16:41 EDT 2009

The USNG was introduced as a result of Hurricane Katrina. 
Unfortunately, even though there is a federal directive to 
incorporate this new standard into all responder and rescue agencies, 
only a few have done so. Also, currently there are not any major map 
makers in the US that are providing this grid. There are several 
internet sites and some software programs available that can assist 
in making maps with this grid. More info can be found here: 

Greg Higgins KB5GLV

At 10:05 PM 5/31/2009, you wrote:
>How universal would this be?
>From: Shawn Stoddard <stoddard at pobox.com>
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>Subject: [aprssig] USNS and APRS
>Anybody here familiar with the US National Grid? While I think that 
>lat/long will continue to rule the APRS world using the USNG looks 
>like an interesting idea where voice communications are involved? 
>Most GPS units appear to support it under a different name (MGRS) 
>and it appears to be something that most federal agencies speak or 
>should be speaking. I am just now getting into my research and 
>wanted to bring this idea up in this forum since location 
>information is definitely part of the tactical information scene.
>Bob, any thoughts on using USNG with APRSTT?
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