[aprssig] I'm Baaack

David W. Barrow III DavidBarrow at wi.rr.com
Sat May 23 14:55:43 EDT 2009


	In the very great hope that you believe that there is no such thing  
as a stupid question ......

	Many years ago I set up an APRS station in a remote location.  At the  
kind suggestion of a fellow ham I went there to update the parameters  
from relay to wide-n.

	Much to my surprise the computer that I used to connect to the tnc  
had 'given up the ghost".  Now I must admit that it was a Zenith 286XT  
running DOS 6.22 - since recycled.

	At the moment I have a old Compaq running Windows 95 which I would  
like to communicate with the KAM3 to (a) find out what firmware  
revision I have, and (b) update the parameters.

	If someone would be so kind to advise me what software I should use  
to connect to the KAM3?

Thanks in Advance,
Dave, N9UNR

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