[aprssig] Slightly OT: GPS Receiver Recomendations

Amir Findling K9CHP sarlabs at gmail.com
Tue May 19 15:58:24 EDT 2009

Now if you want a GPS that can do more than display waypoints of 
stations, I'd recommend the Garmin 60Cx or CSx. You could then add road 
navigation software and have turn-by-turn capabilities while running 
APRS at the same time. Or you could load it with free topos off the web 
and still see the locations of other stations on the map. These two 
units are fantastic, reception is excellent, visibility is great and 
prices are falling. You can also get the power with the Kenwood data 
cord and then use the cigar lighter plug and save on batteries. The 
60C(S)x will work even in the console of your car! Now if you wanted 
just something to beacon your position, then the advice you already got 
is the cheaper way to go.

Antenna: I recommend connecting the D7 to a small 1/4 wave mag mount 
antenna. Your signal will get further and reach more digis, than any HT 
antenna in a Faraday cage, meaning your car.


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Michael Wolthuis wrote:
> Garmin Foretrex 201 is awesome if you want something small and portable.  I
> put it on my wrist, made a long cable with 1/32" conncetors on both ends.
> Just make sure to get the 201 which is rechargeable or if you get the 101 be
> prepared with extra batteries.
> This is on Ebay usually under $100.  It is great when I bike, jog or walk
> around ham fests. 
> Now if you don't want it that portable, then pickup a simple E-trex from
> Garmin and just toss it in the dash.  I believe RPC Electronics has the
> cables for that to the d7a directly.  I use a Garmin Vista in this capacity.
> Note, these two will give you waypoints on them of other stations, but not
> mapping capabilities.
> Mike 
> kb8zgl
> On 5/19/09 1:40 PM, "Josh Smith" <juicewvu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Can any of you all recommend a good GPS Reciever to use with my
>> TH-D7A(g).  I'm going to be going on a fairly long road trip this
>> summer and would like to use the the D7A to beacon my position during
>> the trip.
>> Thanks,
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