[aprssig] WX4NHC / APRS May 30 test

Guy Mallery wa2msu at pacbell.net
Tue May 19 14:43:12 EDT 2009

QST de W1AW  
Special Bulletin 7  ARLX007
>From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  May 19, 2009
To all radio amateurs 

ARLX007 National Hurricane Center's WX4NHC Sets On-The-Air Station

The annual WX4NHC On-the-Air Station Test from the National
Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami takes place Saturday, May 30,
1300-2100 UTC. "The purpose of this annual Station Test is to test
all of our radio equipment, computers and antennas using as many
modes and frequencies as possible. This is not a contest or
simulated hurricane exercise. New equipment and software will be
tested, and we will also conduct some operator training," said
WX4NHC Assistant Amateur Radio Volunteer Coordinator Julio Ripoll,

Ripoll said that WX4NHC also will be testing new computers and
software, as well as conducting operator training. "NHC Director
Bill Read, KB5FYA, will be at WX4NHC, making contacts," he said.
WX4NHC will be on the air on HF, VHF and UHF, plus 2 and 30 meter
APRS. Suggested SSB frequencies are 3.950, 7.268, 14.325, 21.325 and
28.525 MHz, +/-QRM; WX4NHC reports that they will mostly be on
14.325 MHz and will make announcements when they change frequencies.
WX4NHC also will be on the VoIP Hurricane Net 1700-1900 UTC (IRLP
node 9219/EchoLink WX-TALK Conference) and on South Florida area
VHF/UHF repeaters and simplex; APRS and e-mail will also be

Stations working WX4NHC exchange call sign, signal report, location
and name plus a brief weather report, such as "sunny," "rain" or
"cloudy." Non-hams may submit their actual weather using the On-Line
Hurricane Report Form. QSL to WD4R and include a self-addressed,
stamped envelope. Do not send cards to the NHC.  Due to security
measures, no visitors will be allowed at NHC during the test.

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