[aprssig] Balloon in Southeast Texas

Rory Burke rory at burke.ac
Tue May 19 09:58:52 EDT 2009

The W5GIX-11 balloon was at last observation at 100,000 feet and sending 
packets with a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 every thirty seconds.  KJ4EXU-1 
appears to be the chase vehicle.  There also appears to be either a 
second transponder, or a second balloon on K5LSU-11 transmitting with 
the same path and rate.

I am over 150 miles away, and hearing the balloon direct as well as 
hearing it being digipeated all around me.  APRS activity in Southeast 
Texas is being totally trashed by this operation.

73 - Rory - K5MBH

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