[aprssig] APRStt software?

Rick Ruhl ricker at cssincorp.com
Mon May 18 00:39:43 EDT 2009

Hello all,

It exists on my computer and was shown at Dayton. Vaporware no, development
software yes.  Timetable to release is late August.

It is a Windows app written in C.  Takes up a whole 500K.  It will retail
for around $29.95 when released.

See the press release at http://www.cssincorp.com for more details.

It's not in any embedded device at all, just the tiny Windows code I wrote.


Rick, W4PC

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Pentti Gronlund wrote:
> Pentti Gronlund writes:
>> Have been reading the discussion for a while.
>> APRStt sounds useful, even though there are no kilometre markers
>> on the roads up here anymore.
>> Where can I download the software? We have several Linux boxes
>> around running digined/aprsd/aprx/aprsg/thelinkbox. We could
>> easily add APRStt functionality there.
> No answers so far. Looks like nobody likes the application, if it
> ever exists :) Vaporware?

I think the application exists on Bob's computer and an embedded device
somewhere which did that work at Dayton. I don't think it's been
released yet.

Ben Jackson - N1WBV - New Bedford, MA
bbj <at> innismir.net - http://www.innismir.net/

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