[aprssig] Newbie Path Question

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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Do remember that this is not a 100% surefire way. I have on more than
several occasions come across people digi'ing stations that were not even
showing on my map. It does not happen often but if it was set up by someone
who really did not know what they were doing it's not out of the question.
Another issue is that quite often it may had been set up correctly but
either by a BEACON E X command that is not set up right or to 0 it may never
send the position packet.

BUT for the most part an HT and an HT with a small yagi plus your APRS
screen will probably lead you to the station.


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> If you really want to figure out who is
> doing this, set your path to RELAY, plug
> in a dummy load, and drive to each station
> on the map. One will hear you and repeat the
> RELAY packet.

Another way is to just look at your map.  Guess at the possible statios that
can hear you direct.  Then insert their station callsign into your path one
by one and transmit.  The one that "sounds the same" as the one that
responds to RELAY is probably the one.

There are lots of differences the human ear can detect.  Mostly signal
strength, tone quality, tone skew, TX delay, etc.  So most different
stations do sound different.

bob, WB4APR

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