[aprssig] Your U_R filter

rttyman rttyman at ukr.net
Sun May 10 18:32:36 EDT 2009

Hi Steve.

> I want to show you just how hard it is to fix the real problem on your
> end. The Perl program to filter out tactical calls starting with U and
> R is

> -----------
> #!/usr/bin/perl

> while (<>)
> {
>         print unless (m/^[UR][A-Z][A-Z]/i);
> }
> -----------
> Want to filter all tactical calls? Change [UR] to another [A-Z].

Well in Perl its seem even easy than in Pascal!

And lets add this feature as on/off option to the APRS-IS filter
setting! Think many sysop will say thanks for have option to filter
only what they need exactry. This addition will too not force
thousands of other hams!

For example if i'm put to IS filter:
 - this will display all exUSSR hams traffic + tactical traffic
around the world beginning by listed prefixes.

But if filter will be:
p/4L/4K/4J/R/U/EU/EW/EX/EY/EZ/ER/ES/LY/YL -tactical
this will send all our traffic w/o other tactical data.

I'll very thanks and ask you Steve, Paul AE5PL and other maintenators
about possible to make this type of filtering in server.

73, Sergej

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