[aprssig] Re : Re : NWS ON rf

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun May 10 12:29:55 EDT 2009

On May 10, 2009, at 9:29 AM, rttyman wrote:

> At least in EU we mostly use Objects for event data + in source
> field ham callsign of originator. Its best choise on my think
> and should be used by all other too for maximum corrent operation
> in APRS network both I-net and RF.
Again, you show a complete lack of understanding for the ways tactical  
callsigns are used. They are NOT used to place static objects on the  

They are used to improve communications by providing a link between  
hard to remember callsigns and easy to remember words. They give an  
aliased station access to the FULL RANGE of the APRS protocol, not  
just the reporting of a position.

For example, imagine a marathon, with a tracker on the lead and tail  
vehicle, and one on a medivan. All are under my callsign, say with  
SSID's of -4,-5,and -6.

If you look at a map with K4HG-4, K4HG-5, and K4HG-6 on a map, it is  
hard to remember which is which. On the other hand, if you use LEAD,  
TAIL, and MEDIC, anyone can look at the map and see what is going on.  
Your proposal outlaws this, as there is no way for a tracker to send  
an an object with its own position! Selfish!

Now, make a real life situation with dozens of trackers and manned  
APRS stations, where messages are being sent, where there are multiple  
callsigns on the air, it becomes critical that tactical callsigns are  

Yes, YOU do not use APRS this was, but others do, and you have no  
right to try to force change in the system that adversely affects  
these people just to make your life easier. Move on.

Steve K4HG

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