[aprssig] HF/VHF APRS/Packet & "Big Screen" TV's

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:59:55 EDT 2009

I am considering a "Big Screen" TV, and have been wondering about how
these beasts react to an HF or VHF signal close by.
Specifically, if I put my PK-900 back on the air as an HF Gate here in NE
(yes; I am still around, and occasionally monitoring the SIG, but have been
MIA for a while)
Unfortunately, I have not seen any real "upswing" in VHF APRS activity in
my area, so I am reluctant to spend the money on electricity, if it's in
Anyway, if anyone has had any trouble with THEIR TV of this type, I would
be interested in hearing from you.

Matt Stennett


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