[aprssig] Dstar rubbish I presume?

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Wed May 6 10:03:41 EDT 2009

Stoking up UiView for the first time in several weeks, to help out
someone else who is setting up a station, I now see lots of call's on
the UK map (my UiView is via the IS only) such as.

"GB7PI  B" or "GB7PI-B"    Not picking on any one, that is just
convenient to see as I type this.

Also in Kent, "GB7DS  AD"   Huh?

Two questions...

A non numeric SSID?

Double white space between the call and letter(s)?

There are many of these sporting a Black Diamond "D" on top of, or under
a co-sited Red Diamond "D".

UiView shows on the map both, depending on the last sent, also when you
hover the cursor over one, the double space version will show up as will
the - version.   But the call list only shows the - version.

I'm assuming they are collateral spam from DStar nodes?   If so, what's
the significance of the Black vs Red Diamonds, and the letter shown as
the ssid (I can see B and C) - or two spaces separated from the call.

I'm not aware of any info freely findable (that I've found) about this.
Any informative links to look at?

I also see that the gate-ing call (to the IS) is often a -BS version of
the same call.  Have to laugh, BS = cattle manure of course!   I also
see -GS.   (Horse s... ?)

So, what does all this translate to?    Looking at the properties and
call/ssid of a lot of these, I can't help wondering if there is a bug in
some firmware somewhere...


Dave G0WBX

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