[aprssig] APRS touch-tone

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed May 6 09:27:51 EDT 2009

> >My callsign with a "9" overlay would be A9A2B42A7A7C95#
> Isn't Hamvention located in "8" land?

The APRStt user will show on APRS maps as a simple box symbol
with an overlay byte.  This lets users indicate any one of 36
different overlay characters.  I chose a 9 to imply a mobile.
Though come to think of it, I probably would be using a 7 at
Dayton where I would be carrying around an HT.

APRStt at Dayton will hopefully let one use any DTMF HT to enter
his position at the hamvention and his monitoring frequency.


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