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Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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I drove by a van in Lake Wylie SC about 3 months ago and it was doing the
google street views. I really can't remember now what it said on the side
but it was not Navteq and it did clearly state it's reason. Old age I guess
but it was cool, all I know is that it's FAST, the local roads are already
on line, even my country bumpkin dirt road.

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Last week I was in the San Francisco area for work and spotted a NAVTEQ GPS
Survey Vehicle.  It was in Concord, CA at the same hotel as I was staying.

Here's a link to a pic I snapped:


The Thule roof rack cover hides an array of 6 video cameras and a GPS
receiver.   There was some kind of industrial tablet PC in the front seat
area and a rack mount of equipment in the back (probably hard drives for

I never did manage to meet the driver/operator.  I'm sure he gets pumped
with a lot of questions.



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