[aprssig] Browser object entry?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 19 13:12:45 EDT 2009

Can any of the APRS Internet sites let someone enter a OBJECT
via their browser?  Even if only privately with secret prior

There is a group of VHF contesters ascending Springer Mountain
(in GA) for an amateur radio operations event, and they will
have GPS but are not APRS savy nor are their handlers back in
their shacks.

I suggested that the handlers enter OBJECTS to maintain a track
on the hikers, but since it is tomorrow, they do not have time
to learn and implement APRS in their shacks.  But if we could
give them a way via a browser, then they would really see how
valuable APRS can be for them on their Dxpeditions...

We need to reach out to ham radio hikers.  Here is a chance.
Also, if there is any APRS volunteer in North Georgia that could
do this for them, then that would do it too.


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> Thanks for a great post and explanation... 
> This APRS stuff is truly Buck Rogers Tech! 
> I have sent this message to a few HAMs that 
> will be on the air, monitoring and will 
> have internet at that time, perhaps they 
> will help us who will be "untethered" and 
> mobile at the time.  -- ki4SGU /JL

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> Weather permitting; Springer Mountain will be 
> activated this coming Friday evening 
> [20MAR09-FRI] around 1900... 146.520/FM, 
> they will [have] GPS...but sadly no APRS.

Ah, but ANYONE that hears them can enter their coordinates into
APRS as an object, and then evryone in the world can see exactly
where they are live in real time, and can even zoom in by google
earth satellite view to see exactly where they are. The Web page
to see ANY ham's present location (on APRS) is http://map.findu.
com/call* <http://map.findu.com/call*> 

Where call is the callsign. Doesnt matter if they are
transmitting their position themselves or if some else has
entered them as an object. In this case it would be:
http://map.find. com/KE4NOB* <http://map.find.com/KE4NOB*> 

To see how it works, here is a local call who is always out and
http://map.findu. com/N3UJJ* <http://map.findu.com/N3UJJ*> 

Zoom in, try the satellite view. And then click on "see nearby
activity" for a sorted list by distance of all nearby APRS
operators. The go to the bottom of that list and click on "see
all stations on a map".

There you have it... what APRS can do for peak2peak operations..
. Plus you can send and receive text messages to them even while
the APRS ht is in their pocket..


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