[aprssig] uiview/x across winlink stations

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Wed Mar 18 12:07:50 EDT 2009

hi, thought if i hit reply I wold reply to Phillip. but instead my reply is coming back to the list. anyway, thank you all for the directions about the x. It was weird first time I saw all of them stations getting a x across them. anyway, if wide is obsolete, ( was using,am using, rs0iss-4,sgate,wide) thinking I need this to get shown on the ariss web page, then what should I replace with wide? or just leave it off, rs0iss-4,sgate 
please advise anyone, thank you much

p.s. my kc8gkf-10 is winlink RMS
and its runs 24/7. not sure why last heard jan 09. I have it on my uiview map.

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        Hi Jeff,
                          A x through a station means that they have expired and haven't been updated with a new posit.

        73 Phillip



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        hi folks, anyone know what a x across my winlink stations means?
        learning here.

        p.s. just got x across some of my winlink stations and some of them went
        running tcpip link



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