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Gary n6lrv at cox.net
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I suppose that's a reasonable warning to make but I don't interpret the symbol as a car battery
especially when it says right on it "POWER SOURCE" and the electrical specs clearly state the
voltage limits on page 5 for each model. You are incorrect about the GPS18PC power input limits. The
GPS18PC comes with a voltage regulating circuit built into the cigarette lighter plug which is
designed for standard 13.8Vdc nominal input. I own both the PC and LVC versions and have been using
this product line since its introduction without incident.

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n6lrv at cox.net wrote:
> Not sure what you mean by a 1/8 but Garmin still offers their technical specification document in
.pdf. It contains everything you need. See it at;
> <https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/manual.jsp?product=010-00321-51&cID=158&pID=223>
> Gary
> ---- Bob Cutter <ki0g at yahoo.com> wrote: 

**** WARNING !!!* ***

Page 14 of the manual linked above DOES show the colors and functions of 
the wires coming out of the GPS-18 series.    

However the diagram has an extremely misleading symbol on it.   To 
symbolize the power input conductors, the diagram shows two wires 
connected to a battery with an outline that looks like a car battery.

*DO NOT -- DO NOT -- DO NOT -- connect any of the GPS-18 devices 
directly to a 12 VDC source. * You will fry the unit instantly!     The 
max input voltage for the connection shown is only +5 VDC.

Even the GPS-18PC, which claims a 12 VDC input in it's specs, is 
actually a 5 VDC device.   A 12 VDC-to-5VDC regulator is inside the 
provided lighter plug.  With lighter plug cut off, the device alone is 
only a 5 VDC device.



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