[aprssig] APRS activity area animation

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 3 08:33:49 EST 2009

Hessu, this looks great!

> These animations cover mobile March 2008 
> to the end of February 2009:
> http://aprs.fi/doc/stats/APRS-traffic-density-US-200803-200902.gif
> http://aprs.fi/doc/stats/APRS-traffic-density-EU-N-200803-200902.gif

One can easily see the increased density of activity and travel in the summer months with another peak in October.  But this depends on whether I am counting out the months correctly.  Is the view that holds between repeats the one that begins in March, or the one that ends in Feb?

Knowing this would correct the 1-month ambiguity while watching it.

This really is revealing. 


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