[aprssig] [TM-D710_TM-V71] CURRENT Windows based APRS program and Map Software?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Mar 2 03:37:12 EST 2009

Michael J. Wolthuis wrote:
> I believe APRS Point can use MapPoint 2009 which has the best and latest 
> maps.  You can also update maps on Ui-View I believe to newer by 
> exporting them out of the newer programs.  I am unsure if APRSPoint is 
> compatible with Vista.
> http://www.aprspoint.com/
> Mike
> kb8zgl

1)    MapPoint 2009 is practically UNUSABLE with APRSpoint.    See my 
web page on this at:


The problem is that in 2009 MapPoint radically changed the displayable 
symbol set, causing ALL APRS posits (mobiles, base, digipeaters, WX 
stations, etc) to appear as identical generic maroon pushpins.      
However you CAN use the MapPoint 2009 or Streets & Trip 2009 data to 
update the road data in earlier versions of MapPoint which do render a 
variety of symbols.  

2)    Even with older versions of MapPoint, APRSpoint does not display 
the complete APRS symbol set.   Further, APRSpoint does not support the 
APRS alphanumeric overlays for symbols.

[Rumors are that these issues with APRSpoint will be addressed fairly 

3)    You can export static (non-zoomable) maps from other programs, or  
from website captures, into UIview.  However, if you want fully 
scrollable, zoomable maps, you are still limited to Precision Mapping 
who's most recent release is now about 3 years old.  

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