[aprssig] alternate xastir list/site?

k4rjj at bellsouth.net k4rjj at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 28 17:09:03 EST 2009

 I answered a few of my own questions.  The server is there but neither of the two domains hosted there are answering up.  I tried the phone number on DNS and left a message.  They may be on vacation.

Ronny K4RJJ

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 Anyone know who the webmaster is/was and where it was hosted?  I have space if they need it.

Ronny K4RJJ

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> The xastir list and site have been down for a while.  Has anyone
> started an alternate email list yet?
> I sure hope the web site content was saved somewhere.  I sure could
> use it in trying to get xastir running on OS X Leopard...
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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