[aprssig] Doubling APRS messaging in ham radio overnight

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Tue Jan 27 23:11:39 EST 2009

Dave Baxter wrote:
> I like that idea!
> Not sure how easy/dificult the pager conversion is, but over hear, I
> think they use RF arround 175MHz, so not too far from 2m.   Can they be
> made to monitor more than one frequency?  Like, scan for a signal?
> Finding a suitable frequency to use could be "interesting", we only have
> 2MHz to play with, and most of that is band-planed, what isn't has all
> sorts of "little private nets on", but only when you want to experiment
> do they come out of the noise and complain..  Nothing new there then by
> the sound of it!
    Well -- in the system I originally described, the paging tones went 
out over the output of an already-extant repeater.  No additional 
frequency was needed.

    The same thing could be done with this idea -- either on 144.39 (us) 
or -- uh -- what is it in the UK???  Anyway, it could work on the same 
frequency as AX.25 APRS, and probably wouldn't cause much problem with 
congestion, or on a voice repeater with a slight equipment/software 
addition.  No additional frequencies are REQUIRED, although it certainly 
would be nice.

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