[aprssig] Interactive mapping during emergencies

Kevin Sherwood kshrwood at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 27 14:49:33 EST 2009

A local university is running ads for a system they've developed that seems to complement what APRS tries to accomplish.  I'm curious about "web based" - end users are expected to enter locations via a web interface?

If the EOC has a server running maintaining the software, then anyone on the LAN could have access to the data, but they don't explain how data is fed into it - or what happens if you search for traffic conditions in the area and the internet connection is down.  


"The Center for GIS at Towson University offers an interactive
Web-based mapping tool that delivers the real-time information needed
in emergencies like hurricanes, major transportation incidents and
power outages. 
Known as EMMA©, the Emergency Management Mapping
Application helps decision makers in government and in emergency
operations centers throughout the mid-Atlantic plan for and respond to
local, state and national disasters. "

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