[aprssig] APRS legality

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jan 27 12:21:43 EST 2009

> rules to use the ham radio 1/2 of such a system for profit.  So if I 
> sent a message out to hams telling them the SAR net was about to meet, 
> that's ok, but if I sent messages advertising the $5 pizzas I sell, 
> that's not legal.  But it's not legal becuase of the content of the 
> message, not the mode.

Wait, you have $5 pizzas?  Tell me more!  =]

> So I assert that the burden of /use/ that is fit and proper under part 
> 97 falls on the licensee.  The mode is legal.  Any of us can use the 
> mode... we just have to make sure we use it in a legal manner.

That still leaves the problem someone else mentioned of the cranky old 
guys (not that there would be any on THIS list, mind you) who have their 
own narrow interpretation of Part 97 and who are going to raise heck 
with the FCC because they don't like that newfangled digital stuff, or 
because they don't like you, or because they're still mad about no-code 
techs, or whatever.



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