[aprssig] Pagers as part of the Text Messaging Initiative

Ronny Julian k4rjj at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 26 23:24:59 EST 2009

Again, what I had in mind was a 900 Mhz two way system that at it's core 
would be an add on to the Winlink system.  This makes it a two way 
system.  I see there are a couple of pager makers that have stepped in 
where Motorola is not making pagers anymore.  I'll have a chat with a 
couple of people in the business and see whats being used.  I vision 
that every "pager" would simply work as it does on commercial service 
with the  domain set to winlink.org  I don't see a direct way to 
interface it to APRS without going through a Winlink interface first.

 I see what you mean and I do see one way messages in Winlink that fit 
the definition of alowed one way of interest to all participating 

Steve Dimse wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2009, at 10:19 PM, Ronny Julian wrote:
>> Steve what about a true two way 902 Mhz paging system?  Where would  
>> that
>> fit?  I was thinking of retuning an old paging repeater.  I would ID  
>> it
>> via CW with a brief description of what it was and an email address if
>> someone wants to get involved.  I had thought of making it an  
>> extension
>> of the Winlink system.
> Sure. That is simply another means of having a two-way conversation.  
> Note that it is how you use it though, not just the hardware. Sending  
> one-way messages on a two-way system is not different from sending one- 
> way messages on a one-way system.
> Steve K4HG
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