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 Funny thing is I tried Google for 15 mins before I wrote my first reply and from the time I sent it till just a moment ago.  That never came up.  Thanks!

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"Google is your friend"

Try this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arduino

At 05:17 PM 1/23/2009, you wrote:
 What if you don't knowwhat an Ardino is???

"Explain Spock..."

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> I've got a new kit in the works that's an add-on shield for theArduino. 
> It's a packet modem (basically a stripped-down OT1+) plus an LCD
> interface (including software-controlled contrast setting) and a
> prototyping area. 
> The hardware's been done for ages, but I'm still working on the
> firmware. I'm looking for a beta tester or two with some Arduino
> experience to try it out. 
> If you've got an Arduino, know how to program it, and want togive the 
> new board a try, let me know - I can spare at least a couple offreebies 
> for beta testers. (I'd throw in LCD modules too, but I'm notsure how 
> many compatible units I've got on hand.) 
> Scott 
> N1VG 
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