[aprssig] 1-way trackers and APRStt

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Jan 22 20:23:19 EST 2009

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Bob, I would say that allowing the 
>> 1 way trackers on the network was 
>> the downfall and caused #2.  Now that 
>> the door is open how to stop the cattle?
> Easy,
> 1) Get on the air.  Talk to your fellow APRS ops.  Let APRS show
> you when they are available.  Keyboard.  Chat...  Re-discover
> ham radio.

Around here (greater metro Los Angeles area) the overwhelming amount of 
APRS operation is mobile.  They are simply not going to be exchanging 
text messages, even if they DO have a two-way station.   

[Indeed mobile text messaging in CA is now explicitly illegal as of Jan  
2009, after the hand-held  voice cellphone ban  of a year or two ago 
resulted in an upsurge of text messaging as an alternative.]

> 2) Put really good and useful LOCAL information out on the local
> APRS channel for all those 2-way users and mobiles and visitors
> so that the tracker owner will feel he is missing out on all
> this real-time info, and will at least add ab audio receiver so
> he can hear a call or APRStt announcements and messages.

Since he can't receive, how is the tracker owner supposed to know what 
he is missing?

Once again, let me point out that I have been beaconing my Echolink node 
in Pasadena as an APRS object in one of the busiest  APRS "markets" in 
the country (greater Los Angeles, CA area).  I have had exactly ONE user 
access it as a result of APRS  announcements.    

(The others found it through the Echolink website "currrently active" 
listings, or from my talking  it up at  local ham club meetings.)

Further, I have been using UI-Events to announce the monthly meetings of 
four different local ham club meetings in the San Gabriel Valley  (the 
20 miles or so east of downtown Los Angeles)  for about 8 months now.  
(I beacon each bulletin once every 29 minutes, starting at 3:00 PM the 
day before the meeting until about half-way through the meeting the next 
evening  . The idea is to get two shots at the afternoon "drive time" 
rush hour "audience" before a given meeting.)

So far, not one person has appeared at any of these meetings as a result.  

Note that this is in an area where a population of at least *4 million* 
is within the footprint of the N6EX-3 digipeater I use to send these 


I think one has to face the fact that, like it or not,  everyday APRS 
operation *HAS*  been "hijacked" into  primarily an AVL (Automatic 
Vehicle Location) system........ 



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