[aprssig] Failed APRS?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 21 19:50:38 EST 2009

> We need to develop as well a convention 
> for the description of the preferred, 
> and possibly multiple, mode/frequency/
> address tuples for possible direct 
> communication. 

It is defined in www.aprs.org/info/freqspec.txt

> Only when we have a standard for the 
> broadcast dissemination of a 'link' 
> to a direct communication channel, 
> can we proceed to develop auto-QSY 
> software for our frequency-agile mobile rigs.

We have had everything we need since about 2001.  We just need
to glue the pieces together:
1) APRS is the local/global signaling channel
2) Echolink/IRLP  is the global VOIP link
3) APRS knows where caller and callee are located
4) APRS knows where the Echolink/IRLP nodes are
5) APRS now has a standard QSY Frequency format
6) All we need is a simple AVRS engine somewhere in the APRS-IS
to monitor for and end-to-end contact request, and then respond
with the auto-qsy message to both end parties telling them the
FREQ and NODE numbers, and setting up the link.

We have gotten Kenwood to take the first step with the manual
QSY function in the D710.  I keep pushing for an automatic

> Then we will have the 'universal mobile 
> communications platform' that some try to 
> believe can be shoe-horned into the APRS 
> spec alone.

This global voice connectivity via APRS message calling is
called AVRS and I have been pushing for it since about 2001.
See www.aprs.org/avrs.html  and I think it makes sense to do it.


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