[aprssig] AL, GA, TN, VA APRS network Reliability

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Jan 21 18:34:15 EST 2009

For Alabama,Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee:

Here are two maps (1 meg each) of my 50W APRS D710 mobile
between N.Alabama and Wash DC through AL, GA, NC, VA and MD.  I
was running proportional pathing, so direct lines to Igates are
every 1 minute (rare) but red lines via a digi (1 hop are every
2 minutes) and those that took two hops, red-then-green were
once every 4 minutes.  Path Tracing by Lynn Deffenbaugh KJ4ERJ.

See:  www.aprs.org/I-81virginia.PNG

I-66 from DC to I-81 and down to Harrisonburg was very good.
I-81 Harrisonburg down past Lynchburg to Roanoke was poor
I-81 Roanoke to Bristol was very good.

See: www.aprs.org/AL-GA-TN.PNG

Alabama(north) track was very good.
Tennessee: I65 Lawrenceburg to Columbia was poor
Tennessee: I40 Nashville to Knoxville was very good
Tennessee: I40/81 from Sevierville to Bristol was poor
Georgia:  Blairsville to Dalto to Chatanooga was poor
North Carolina: North Georgia through Ashville and I26 to
Elizabethtown was very poor

The ray-tracing also gives very good coverage plots of some

Bob, Wb4APR

(Sent by KJ4ERJ as I don't think the SIG liked being a Cc: on Bob's 
original message)

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