[aprssig] APRS for messaging in San Mateo

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 21 15:55:01 EST 2009

Looking for APRS communications Mentor in Bay area:

> From: Phil Stripling  
> Subject: APRS for messaging
> I'm in San Mateo, CA (Bay Area), and I read
> about using APRS for texting in the current
> QST. [APRS could enable our cllub to support]
> the Red Cross with a way to send lists
> of needed supplies and medicines without 
> having to rely on repeaters or landlines...
> It seems to me after reading your page at
> http://www.aprs.org/aprs-messaging.html
> that APRS may fit into our tool bag. 
> I'm sorry to say I don't know anyone [in
> the bay area] who uses APRS for anything 
> other than position reporting.
> Your overview on your Universal Text 
> Messaging page is very enticing, and I'd like 
> to get involved and see if this is something
> our team can realistically provide "when 
> everything else has failed," as we say.
> Do you know anyone in the Bay Area who's 
> capable of working with us on this? We're 
> on the peninsula south of San Francisco....
> [Our club will] be at Maker Faire in May
> http://makerfaire.com/ this year where we 
> could demonstrate text messaging on APRS to a
> _very_ knowledgeable crowd of do-it-yourselfers. 
> Last year there were 25,000 attendees, and we 
> demonstrated HF radio for them:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/civex/sets/72157612668666389/
> I'm in Blackberry REACT, and we're an ARRL-
> affiliated club with licensed hams. We provide 
> comms support to local festivals... and the 
> like during the year, so texting lists
> would fit in to our normal use as well as for 
> emergencies.
> http://www.blackberryreact.org/
> I'm ready to go out and buy stuff, but I'd like 
> some direction from a knowledgeable ham.
> Phil KG6ILU
> -- 
> Phil Stripling
> The Civilized Explorer
> http://www.cieux.com

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