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> My nearest bookshop that's likely to have any of the books mentioned is 
> 400km away in Sydney or Brisbane. Given my lack of desire to ever be in 
> a big city again it may be some time before I get to peruse stocks and 
> make a decision. In the meantime I'll go back and RTFM again, and again! 
> I may even ask stupid questions here.


> Curt, WE7U wrote:
> >
> > For Perl books these are the ones I use:
> >
> >      Learning Perl
> >      Programming Perl
> >      Perl Cookbook

Do check out the "Perl CD Bookshelf."  It comes with a hardcopy of "Perl in a 
Nutshell" and a CD containing "Perl in a Nutshell," "Programming Perl,"  "Perl 
Cookbook," "Advanced Perl Programming," "Learning Perl," and "Learning Perl on 
Win32."  It's a fantastic resource, and much cheaper than buying the paper 
copies of all those.


You can get it without being anywhere near a brick-and-mortar bookshop.


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