[aprssig] PHG calculators

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 13 09:38:11 EST 2009

>Sounds like I touched a nerve with PHG.
>No wonder then why many people do not use it.

The main reason PHG is not used these days is because UIview did not immplement it, neither transmitting nor receiving and display.  And since UIview is the most used program, it has a significant impact on APRS.  

In the original APRS, setting one's fixed station PHG data was as fundamental to station set-up as was LAT/LONG.  This assured that every fixed station was also giving the network an idea of its PHG data. Since antenna height in amateur radio is as important as position with respect to communicating between point A and point B, this omission in UIview has always been very frustrating to APRS.

UIview users need to run the PHG add-on to see this fundamental 3rd dimension of the RF network.


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