[aprssig] A PHG question

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 12 09:47:26 EST 2009

> >Does the PHG calculator at:-
> >http://www.perite.com/vk7ybi/dev/phgcalc.htm
> >do it right?, especialy for non omni antennas.
> East made a 3 which is correct AFAIK.

I think East is supposed to be a 2, and North is an 8.  But I
have not looked it up.

> However, it doesn't include a fifth digit 
> (for the number of beacons per hour); 
> I think that's within the standard. 
> aprs.fi doesn't like that fifth digit, 
> though.

That was the PERIOD byte that was a proposed change in APRS1.2.
However, implementation has been inconsistent, and various
decoders do or do not understand that byte, and some then
ingnore the PHG because they seee the extra byte.  SO I would
use with caution.

Some volunteer could do an exhaustive test to see the response
of all systems to this byte.  It would be great to know.
Especially, do the kenwoods, and Yaesu decode them?

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> Hvaler, Norway
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