[aprssig] xastir/cygwin compile failes on Print.h missing

David Flood davidf4 at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 7 04:11:20 EST 2009


Here's a temporary fix until either the Cygwin folks recompile about 2/3rd
of their packages or until you give up and switch to VMWare (and I only know
it because one of my machines has a messed up XP video sub-system and won't
run VMWare).  You'll have to do this every time you use the Cygwin setup
program or it will "upgrade" to the broken package again.

Launch the Cygwin setup program
When you get to the list of packages change the list to FULL mode
Uncheck "Hide Obsolete Packages"
Scroll down the list until you find xorg-x11-devel
Click on the word "keep" until it changes to a 6.x version of the file
Click Next and finish the setup

The 7.x version of the file (default despite it being obsolete) is broken by
design due to a change in the upstream xorg code.  And until every other
-devel package is fixed to not call the now removed print code you'll have
to drop back to an earlier version of that development package.


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/usr/include/Xm/Print.h:28:34: X11/extensions/Print.h: No such file or
In file included from /usr/include/Xm/XmAll.h:79,
                 from alert.c:308:
/usr/include/Xm/Print.h:40: error: parse error before "XPContext"
/usr/include/Xm/Print.h:43: error: parse error before '}' token
/usr/include/Xm/Print.h:61: error: parse error before "XPFinishProc"
make[3]: *** [alert.o] Error 1

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