[aprssig] Another Bootlegger?

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 03:57:18 EST 2009

A more subtle method, is to just slit the jacket of the cable and let
moisture in, slow but effective and they'd think it was just a "Natural"
failure.   No smoked finals either.  A similar but more speedy method,
is to inject some battery acid under the jacket.   The result is the
same, just quicker.
I've only done that as an experiment to myself, before anyone asks!  But
I know of places and times in the past here in the UK where that sort of
thing aledgedly was rife sadly, back in the days of GB3LO.
It's a pitty your FCC or whoever cant be setup to track the people
themselves, via the IS and a mobile data link at first, then use
something like a D7 later when they get closer.   As has been said, best
to fix at the source, than to create any more mayhem...
Cheers All.
Dave G0WBX.


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	Whatever happened to the good old days, when you just pinned
their coax and smoked their finals?
	On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Scott Miller
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		I really feel that jamming (even just on the IS) is the
WRONG thing to
		do here.  At best, you're just going to piss them off
and make them
		change the ID on the tracker(s), and meanwhile you've
complicated the
		data collection needed to actually prosecute them.
		Maybe next time they'll be smart enough to pick an
actual callsign, and
		the chances of anyone recognizing the appropriation of
an inactive call,
		especially outside the owner's home area, are going to
be very small.

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