[aprssig] Email?

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Mon Jan 5 19:12:35 EST 2009

I'm trying to figure out the need for the email gateway.  IIRC, it  
started with a suggestion from Bob that stations be able to be  
contacted (on the internet, not RF) via email, to notify of problems  
and such.  So we need a way of guessing a station's email address.   
Bob's suggestion is simple and easy - if you want to be able to be  
contacted, register at your nation's radio society and get an email  
account if that service is offered.  If you want to try emailing  
someone, send it to that address (such as call at arrl.org).  Some  
people won't like it, and won't sign up for many reasons.  So be it.   
I've run large email systems for years, and no spam filter is good  
enough for everyone, so I wouldn't bother trying.  As for getting  
contacted, if you don't want spam in your email due to being on APRS,  
set up a way for people to contact you - maybe register on QRZ or  
something.  GIve us a chance to find you.  Even better, run a two-way  
client on APRS so we can APRS message you!

As for getting email into APRS RF, I'm not sure I need my non-ham  
loved ones sending me email.  If it is okay for them to do that, why  
not just give them Xastir and let them send direct (or maybe via the  
APRS IS?)?  I think that's probably a bad idea, but probably better  
than the email ideas so far.If

I want to get messages from other hams, I'll run a client on whatever  
internet or RF device I'm using.  Maybe we need some really simple  
and slick APRS message clients.   Something lightweight without maps.

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