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Gregory A. Carter gcarter at openaprs.net
Mon Jan 5 10:33:48 EST 2009

Hello Guys,

This really wouldn't be too difficult to setup with OpenAPRS's backend
daemon and some mail tools I've written over the years.  From a consumer
standpoint, how do you envision this will look/work?

I'm guessing it would be something like:

* Signup for an account with <callsign>@aprsmail.org and setup what
callsign+ssid it should forward to (or perhaps autodetect when the callsign
is currently in use and send to that callsign no matter what SSID it has if
it is APRS messaging capable).
* Allow any email to be sent to <callsign>@aprsmail.org to be forwarded to
the user over APRS messaging.  I would think the body of the email could be
"formatted" specifically so that it is more of a command which would make
isolating spam out fairly easy since it obviously won't be in the correct
* Be sure to only allow properly formatted emails to make the trip to the
APRS network and only allow x amount of characters to be sent.

Of course it would also be possible to only allow other aprsmail users to
send emails by including some sort of key in their emails that would
uniquely identify them to the system which would kill spam altogether and
limit the risks of flooding the network.  In essence this would remove the
need for third party software to be installed on anyones machine since it
could be accessed by anyones normal email account by just sending an email
to their <callsign>@aprsmail.org.

If there is interest in this I'll whip something up and impliment it, let me
know on or off list...



On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 3:41 PM, Ben Jackson <bbj at innismir.net> wrote:

> Kurt Kochendarfer wrote:
> > I know it's not the "Universal" e-mail<=>APRS system that would be ideal
> > for Universal Text Messaging, but I am about 75% complete with writing
> > an e-mail<=>APRS engine that individual hams could download and setup on
> > a computer and would move e-mail from one e-mail account they designate
> > to one APRS Call/SSID and vice versa.  Not universal, but it does bring
> > the functionality to those hams who want it and don't mind doing a
> > little legwork to get it set up.
> >
> > I already use GMail, so I set up the engine to move mail from my GMail
> > account, which leaves the spam filtering to the Google side of things.
> > I set up a dedicated GMail account just for this purpose, so I can set
> > up my own strict list of filters, whitelist members, etc.  The engine
> > strips HTML out of incoming mail, but that's about all the processing I
> > saw a need for, since Google's spam filters seem to work so well.
> >
> While I like this idea, would it make sense to set up a "APRS Mail"
> service with a dedicated domain? Allow APRS stations to set up a
> (callsign)@aprsmail.org, set up filters, etc?
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