[aprssig] ARRL Addresses

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Sat Jan 3 20:12:35 EST 2009

Jeff N0JUH wrote:
> Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> Ah, now I see how you missinterpreted my post.  You make a good point.  If we have multiple email   > Reflectors, we need to make sure that the planned "Universal Amateur 
> Radio Text Messaging
>> system" is smart enough to know to direct a text message to a USA FCC call, to use the ARRL 
>> reflector, or if it is a call from GB, to direct it to the RSGB email reflector, etc.
>  > The idea is to have a one-for-one translation from callsign to email.
>> One way to do it is to develop our own.  But the better way, I think, is to depend on 
>> the existing and well maintained email reflectors of our own national organizations.
> So, are you proposing a "SPAM via APRS" system?  I don't see why I 
> should get email from any source unless I have requested it (explicitly 
> or implicitlty.)  I really think that any automatic callsign-to-email 
> reflector should be on an opt-in basis. When a ham signs up, he or she 
> gives the email address where he wants to receive APRS messages.

One of the issues, is that regardless of what happens with the callsign to email 
gateway uses "known" information that anyone can use, regardless of whether it's 
automated or not by a forwarding system.  The forwarding system doesn't enable 
anything but a service.  In fact, you might say that at 1200baud speeds, it 
actually reduces how fast you might get SPAM from an amateur operator.

Gregg Wonderly

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