[aprssig] Gathering HT data

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Jan 3 18:37:00 EST 2009

I've gotten tired of constant questions about what cables go with what 
radios, so I've undertaken a project to collect information about every 
current production model of amateur HT (plus some commercial types) and 
as many old models as I can manage from the major manufacturers.

Wherever possible, I'm going back to the manufacturer's original manuals 
to verify everything - I don't want to trust random collections of data 
on someone's webpage when I don't know where it came from.

Rigpix at least provides a fairly comprehensive listing of models, so 
I'm using that as a reference to ensure completeness of the list.

Accessory compatibility lists are useful when they're provided by the 
manufacturer.  For example, I can be pretty sure that everything that 
takes a Yaesu CT-44 adapter has a 4-pin non-threaded 3.5mm connector 
with the same pinout.  I *don't*, however, necessarily trust the lists 
on retailer's sites - I've already found errors in those.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any help I could get in compiling this data, and 
it'll all be shared freely on the Wiki once updates die down enough that 
edit conflicts won't be a problem.

Here's what I've got so far.  Anything marked with a * has been verified 
against a manual or brochure.  Anything without came from a 
compatibility list or other secondary source.  If you can suggest 
additions or confirm any of this, let me know off-list to keep traffic 
down.  Be sure to note whether the jacks are on the side or top.

Yaesu 4-pin non-threaded
  (as used by CT-44 adapter and MH-34b4b mic)
*FT-10R, *FT-60R, *VX-1R, *VX-2R, *VX-3R, *VX-5R
*VX-110, *VX-150

Yaesu 4-pin threaded
  (as used by CT-91 adapter)

Yaesu models on RigPix that I don't know:
  FT-11R, FT-23R, FT-26, FT-33R, FT-40R, FT-41R, FT-50R, FT-51R, FT-60R
  FT-73R, FT-76, FT-104, FT-202R, FT-207R, FT-208R, FT-209R, FT-415
  FT-416, FT-703R, FT-708R, FT-709R, FT-727R, FT-811, FT-815 FT-816

Common 3.5mm earphone / 2.5mm mic
(note side or top mount, top usually can't take right angle)
ICOM (some models support optional screw-locks)
*IC-V82/U82 (side, looks like screw-lock option?)
*IC-V8 (side, screw)
*IC-V85 (side, screw)
*IC-91A (top)
*IC-T7H (top)
*IC-T90A (top)
Radio Shack
  DJ-175 (top)
  DJ-S40 (top)
  DJ-195T / 196T (top)
  DJ-V5T (top)
  DJ-496T (top)
  DJ-593E / 596T (top)

Unknown Alinco type (3.5mm?)
  DJ-C7T/E (top)
  DJ-V17, DJ-47T/E, DJ-V27T, DJ-S17, DJ-S47 (top?)

Unknown ICOM type requiring OPC-782 adapter

Proprietary 12-pin circular

Kenwood 3.5mm/2.5mm
  If anyone knows of any model that DOESN'T take the usual right-angle 
3.5mm/2.5mm pair, let me know!
(Assorted Chinese imports like the PX-777 go in this category)



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