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> From: "Bob Bruninga "
>>>> a) Every ham should set his ARRL email address
>>> Isn't that only available to ARRL members?
>> Yes, I assumed that any active amateur radio operator would be a  
>> member of
>> the National Organization for Amateur Radio,  (the ARRL).  In todays
>> society of competing interest for the electromagnetic spectrum, it  
>> seems
>> to me to be only in the best interest of each one of us to support  
>> our
>> national organization to maintain our access to RF.
> Well, here's another point that you and I disagree with.  You assume  
> that
> because it makes sense TO YOU that everyone else feels the same way.
> I, personally, am a member of ARRL, but I know many hams that are  
> not. Some
> disagree with the ARRL's policies and/or actions .. others feel it's  
> too
> much money to join .. and there are a few that don't know that much  
> about
> them so haven't decided one way or another.

As someone also tried to point out, your messages are all very USA- 
centric too. Sometimes depressingly so.....

Anyway, radio amateurs come from all over the world. It's a big planet  
and not all join your American Radio Relay League -- because they're  
not American -- does that make it plain enough? So, worldwide, more  
"hams" (as you Americans like to call us) do NOT have ARRL membership  
than do. So Bob's statement could be taken as insulting for the rest  
of us -- along with the attitude that we are not active operators  
because we might not be members of your association.

Of course, as well as being a member of the RSGB I am a member of the  
ARRL -- but that's because I like reading QST rather than the services  
it might provide provide were I in the USA. Which address should I set  
then? My country's national organisation or yours?

Andy, G8TQH

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