[aprssig] APRS Destination field for new application

Boyd Prestwood K5YKG k5ykg at arrl.net
Mon Apr 27 12:48:45 EDT 2009

APRS destination addresses (TOCALL)  are coordinated by Bob Bruninga, 
WB4APR. He monitors this SIG.  Expect a reply!

73 de Boyd Prestwood K5YKG

On 4/27/2009 10:39:30 AM, rfinesmith at aol.com wrote:
 > I have written an APRS application for Windows Mobile and have been 
 > APZ for the first 3 characters of the destination field. I would like to
 > make this application available to anyone. Before I do this, I would 
 > to know how the destination field should be set. Is there a procedure or
 > process to have an application assigned a destination? Should I continue
 > to use APZxxx for the destination?
 > Thanks,
 > Robin Finesmith, AA3NJ
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