[aprssig] Differential GPS?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Fri Apr 24 00:25:26 EDT 2009

Steve Dimse wrote:

> My recollection is we added this when Steve Bible of TAPR produced his  
> differential GPS generator, it cost maybe $300 including the GPS. That  
> project never got traction for the channel load issue you mention, and  
> then Garmin killed the GPS it depended upon which killed the project.   
> It sure was a cool thing though. This was very different from the boat  
> store models. Boat store DGPS receivers depend on a site which  
> determines the GPS errors and transmits them on subcarriers of  
> broadcast FM stations or other transmitters.
    Just for interest' sake -- the "boat store" DGPS receivers are for 
beacons in the 300 khz range -- I believe the band goes from 285 khz to 
325 khz -- or somewhere close to those limits.

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