[aprssig] Differential GPS?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 21 16:18:45 EDT 2009

> Does this mean there's a new revision of 
> APRSDOS coming out?

I wish.  But I doubt it, too little time, too little users.  And
I am scared to go look to see if I can still find the latest
source code.  I've been through 3 laptops since then, and have
little confidence that all my tentative updates were made on the
same machine... Argh...

But things I need to add, are the new symbols, and I get a bug
everytime I zoom in too far in Maryland. So something wrong with
the maps in my area.


> Bob Kirk
>  >Can we remove the DGPS-on-APRS-channel function it to save
>  >
>  >Bob, WB4APR

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