[aprssig] Differential GPS?

Kent Hufford khufford at atlanticbb.net
Tue Apr 21 08:29:11 EDT 2009

YEARS ago, a station in the MD/DC area transmitted differential corrections
back out over the aprs freq. I made up a cable to feed it back to my GPS. It
worked with DOS APRS and my GPS when he was operating. He was spotty at
best, but it worked. The he quit.

Bob's email said he was asking, so he could remove it and reduce the size of
code. He should go ahead.

It is nice of him to ASK!!


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Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Remove code from what program?   Did any program(s) ever support this 
> feature?

I think the Kenwoods did.. I tried it a couple of years ago by relaying 
a maritime DGPS beacon stream into the local 2m APRS channel. And indeed 
I got a DGPS lock on my GPS receiver connected to the TM-D700.

But anyway why do we need to remove something that doesn't really cause 
problems from the spec? So that Bob's aprsdos can fit into 640k of RAM 
and claim full compatibility with every aspect of APRS? I'm not saying 
we couldn't/shouldn't remove the feature, just wondering the rationale..


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