[aprssig] lat,log incorrect at kc8gkf-5

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Mon Apr 13 18:50:14 EDT 2009

hi folks, wondering why or where did the software get that lat, long for my 
kc8gkf-5 uiss!
I have placed 43.14 , 086.14 and it shows 43.24 086.24. why is it not what I 
placed in the software?
If anyone knows the answer, pls let me know. thank you. kc8gkf-5
I am wondering if somehow someone else is placing my lat and long. in there 
for me.
why is not the software reading correct?
how do I correct it?

see me at stations heard via iss! neato
I have noticed this for awhile, wondering if anyone can help me fix it, 
thanks in advance.

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