[aprssig] Basic APRS Information

Scott D. Carter ve3cgn at emergencyteam.ca
Mon Apr 13 14:16:05 EDT 2009


I am wondering if there is a web page that has the basic APRS setup
information on it so that causal users can configure their trackers
properly. It is easy to get on APRS, but I want to make sure that users in
our area are set up using the current standards.

I have a Tiny Trak 3 in my pickup truck, and want to make sure that I am
using the appropriate SSID and WIDE-? settings so that I am not causing
grief for those who are more experienced with APRS. Basically, I would
like to learn more about what the WIDE-? settings and what they are used

I am also interested in how someone could send an emergency beacon via
APRS, if the need ever arose. It is great to see that members of the list
are so pro-active when it comes to emergency beacons.

Thanks in advance, and sorry to bother you with the newbie questions. I
hope this is the appropriate topic for this list.


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