[aprssig] Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Event update

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 7 19:12:28 EDT 2009

Re: Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Event update

>> 5) It uses LINK7-7 in a linear network 
>> which makes only 7 packets ... [instead 
>> of 196 which can result from WIDE7-7
> So why not use a directed path, i.e. with 
> callsigns of the digis instead of LINK7-7?

Because then it would only go one way.  And on this linear chain
of mountain top digipeater stations, we want all stations to be
informed of the stations before and after them in the chain. 

You als may have noticted that we will make the LINKn-N packets
Traceable.  SO we will be able to trace all of these packets to
see if any stations are being skipped (good info for next year).
But these packets will get pretty long when they travel all 7
hops, arriving with 49 bytes of extra trace calls in the path.

But then we are going to use HOP7-7 for the station position
reports.  These will also go as many as 7 hops, but will not
carry the baggage of the Trace callsigns.  This will keep the
load on the network lower for these more numerous packets.

See www.aprs.org/at-golden-packet.html


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