[aprssig] d710 WIDE1-1 setup?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 6 18:11:23 EDT 2009

> Okay, finally installed my d710...
> I see Uitrace is currently temp ...

Yes, we encourage all D700's and D710's and any other mobile
that is capable to be permanently activated as a TEMPn-N
digipeater.  This way, we can use any convenient D700 or D710 or
such mobile as a temporary or emergency digipeater on the fly
without having to contact the owner to re-configure the mobile.

In otherwords, making them all TEMPn-N digipeaters permanently
gives us the power of having mobile digipeaters on call at any
time anywhere, by anyone, but without the potential of QRM all
the rest of the time.  

People toy with using D700's as mobile digipeaters for special
events and then forget to disable the function leading to total
chaos on the national APRS channel.  There is just too much
potential for human error munging up the network by attempting
to termporarily set mobiles as digipeaters.

But using this permanent TEMPn-N default in all D700 and D710's
we kind of have it there ready to use at any time, but without
any danger.

See www.aprs.org/TEMPn-N.html


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