[aprssig] Building a new digi

Bob Burns W9RXR w9rxr_ at rlburns.net
Wed Apr 1 12:39:45 EDT 2009

I have been given the opportunity to put up an APRS digipeater in the  
Brownsburg, Indiana, area (N39.84, W086.39). The exact location is yet  
to be determined, however it will likely be on an existing tower at  
around 100 feet AGL. The equipment will be located in a secure  
location that will not be readily accessible to me, so reliability of  
the equipment is very important.

Of course, one of the considerations is whether or not a digipeater in  
this location would serve the APRS community. We have good digis in  
the area: KB9LTH-10 in downtown Indianapolis, N9AMN-2 on the southside  
of Indianapolis, and KB9QJM-10 in Cloverdale. However, the area to the  
northwest of Indianapolis is a bit lacking in digi coverage and I  
think putting one in Brownsburg will help.

I need to put together a proposal for the equipment, so I'm looking  
for ideas. My initial thought is that the equipment list consists of  
radio, TNC, power supply, antenna, and feedline. The devil, as they  
say, is in the details. Which radio? Which TNC? Which antenna?  
Anything else I'm missing?

What are the group's thoughts? If you were building a new digipeater  
from the ground up, what equipment choices would you make and why?

Thanks for your input.

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