[aprssig] Universal Messaging (and new qAP feedback?)

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Wed Oct 29 22:11:16 EDT 2008

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> From: Robert Bruninga
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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Universal Messaging (and new qAP feedback?)
> Please explain how adding a new "qAX" will break anything?
> Adding a new definition should not break any old definitions
> should it?  OK, Maybe make it a "qGX" if you don't like the
> "qAX" idea.  Its only a label.

Please re-read my previous post where I explained how your mangling of the q construct breaks the algorithm and therefore APRS-IS.  Bottom line: the q construct is NOT "only a label".  It is an integral part of the q algorithm implemented years ago to reduce and/or eliminate most of the looping that occurs on APRS-IS.  It accomplishes this and should never be thought of as "only a label".

Bob, your reply was nonsensical.  It totally ignored everything I stated in my post and it simply restated your lack of understanding of what an IGate is and how it fits in the APRS network.


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