[aprssig] Universal Messaging (and new qAP feedback?)

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> I don't think so.  It is the number one problem in the APRS-IS,
> and that is the complete lack of any visibility to what an Igate
> does with an APRS-IS to RF packet.  That is a very real and

Actually, this is far from "the number one problem".  Bottom line: the APRS-IS "network" does not support the type of reporting that you propose.  If you want that type of reporting on how each intermediate network node (that is what an IGate is) routes each packet, then design a different network with that in mind (BTW, no other network that I am aware of has nodes report how each packet is routed out of the node, for a reason!).  If you want to create a new APRS packet, fine.  But don't start out by recommending a modification to something you don't understand as a "starting point".  In fact, that is a dead end.

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