[aprssig] Universal APRS messaging Opportunities!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 29 14:14:45 EDT 2008

>> ... the old fuds... need to learn 
>> from the kids the value of text
>> messaging for immediate contact.
> Establish an APRS<->CW gating service 
> and you might get their attention.
> I'm only partially kidding here.

But it shows initiative and creative thinking!  Since the entire
world of potential messages shows up on the APRS-IS, a small CW
engine could infact sit there and monitor a CW freq.  Any time a
CW op wants to check for messages  he sends in QRU? And if there
are any text messages for him, then it responds.

The bottom line idea here is that we have this unbelievable
global connectivity via APRS, yet the only ones using it are 5%
of the 5% that run APRS, or only about 0.0025 of hamdom.  When
all we need is a few codewriters to gateway their favorite HAM
radio mechanism to the APRS-IS for any potential traffic.  Then
potentially any ham can use his favorite mechanism to access his
messages.  He doesn't care that APRS was in the middle, but the
APRS backbone us the single central-message clearing house for
Universal Text messaging in Ham radio.

Creative thinking and coding...
So much to do, so little time...

Thanks for the suggestion...
Bob, Wb4APR


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